Clinical activity is coordinated by the periodontist (dentist or dental specialist in periodontic) and is supplemented by ateam of dental hygienists (technical specialists in oral hygiene). In addition, the management team is responsible for coordinating our appointment system, business administration, dental reports which are sent to your referral dentist, financing options, etc. This team is led by Dr. Adrian Guerrero, with the support of Dr. Julia Guerrero.

Dr. Adrian Guerrero holds a degree in dentistry from the University of Granada is a periodontist from  the University College London. Besides being a renowned specialist who enjoys his daily work, he is committed to the dissemination of his specialty to colleagues in his field. In this regard Dr.Guerrero is invited as a visiting professor for Graduates at the University of Barcelona (UB),he is the current vice president of the board of the Spanish Society of Periodontology (SEPA) and is a speaker at local courses and international conferences on his specialty.

Dr. Julia Guerrero has a degree in dentistry from the University of Granada and is an implant  prosthesis specialist from the Complutense University of Madrid. In collaboration with Dr. Adrian Guerrero since 2004, she is in charge of the prosthetic phase of some of our patient´s treatment and gives support training colleagues in the field of  implant prosthetics.